Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yorkshire Puddings Au Vin

For the gravy, stock from your meat, whatever it is, skimming off most of the fat, (depends how greasy you like the end product); simmer it with a finely chopped onion and maybe a couple of cloves of garlic, crushed or chopped or wtf.  One beef oxo cube.  A forkful of plain flower, left to settle for 20 mins or so in a large glass of wine, (you can be sure it won't go lumpy if you stir that straight in), and then a bit more wine and/or a bit of the stock off your veg, according to how wine-ish you like it, and how thick.   Add herbs to taste.

For the yorkshires, three heaped forkfuls of plain four (in a pint jug, is what I use), two eggs, and a bit of milk, and mix it all up.  If you do this a few hours before it's wanted and leave it in the fridge, and give it a wee beating with a fork every hour or so, then you won't get any lumps - which only applies if you don't have a food processor.  Pour about 1/4 inch of the batter into a well pre-heated yorkshire pudding or cake tray with about 1/4 inch of fat off the roast, (or olive oil or any other oil).  Cook them in a hott(ish) oven, (about 200c), for between 15 and 20 mins.

Serve it with meat and veg, of a Sunday.  You can replace the meat stock with vegetable if you prefer that sort of thing.

Numpty Note:  The alcohol in the wine evaporates off, so it's fine for the kids and the band-of-hopers.