Friday, October 15, 2010

"...vile obese and verminous"

Which is one person's view of that (ex) Liverpool owning Hicks.  It's a fair point, and could serve as a handy description of most of those who own or have owned big football clubs, including Newcastle down the years, (and I'm talking as a man whose great grandma was once engaged to Stan Seymour, forsooth).   The Liverpool saga this week has been great fun for all of us who aren't Liverpool supporters, and were secretly hoping they might end up doing a Leeds.

Not that anyone can afford to be too smug.  Newcastle, like everyone else's club, is owned by someone for whom silverware only means a better bottom line.  It's all about bucks, kid.  And I just don't know how we can get from this plutocratic situation to a more equitable one, where big chunks, if not most, if not all, of a club is owned by its supporters, like Barcelona or Real Madrid.  Who seem to do all right, btw.