Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sporti 4 35mm test roll 7

Sporti 4 35mm test roll 7, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.
I put a whole roll of 35mm (Ilford Pan F 50) through the Sporti 4, with the flash, and it didn't synch once. Perhaps it would with a flash gun, but I'm hoarding my 20 or so flash bulbs.

What I'm after is a kind of flash-gun look, where the background is in deep shadow, and the foreground overlit. And I want to do that with a very simple camera like the Sporti 4, to get the vignetting and other distortions.

The irony is, to get this, I'm probably going to have to buy a sophisticated electronic flash which is programmable and has a PC connexion, all to put on top of a plastic box with a plastic lens with a cardboard shutter.