Monday, June 01, 2009

Les Diaboliques

This is a family movie, in a sense.

My maternal Granda, a ship's stoker, saw the film whilst ashore in France in the mid 50s. He had no French but he loved it, and when he got home told everyone who'd listen about this brilliant film he'd seen in France. He wasn't even sure of the title, but thought it might have been something like A Diabolical Plot. Towards the end of the 50s, my Mam and Dad went to the pictures as a courting couple and saw a French film called The Fiends - the story was strangely familiar, and Mam realized that it was the same film her Dad had been going on about for years. This time, of course, it had subtitles, and so was easier to follow...

And thus the film went down in family history. Mam and Dad saw it again one late night on telly in the 70s. Whenever a discussion about thrillers comes up, they will both say that nothing can compare with The Fiends and Granda would have said the same to his dying day.

It's on order from Amazon - it came up as a recommendation based on my search history, and I thought, "Isn't that the film my family are always going on about?" I really shouldn't be indulging in this consumerism just now, but couldn't resist it.