Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ilford Sporti 4

I've got a roll of Ilford Delta (?) 100 iso in it now, as a test - 35mm of course. But I'm pretty sure the shutter's sticking a bit - which means it lags behind the button being pressed by a second or two. The flash goes off immediately, so it won't be synching.

I remember taking an original Sporti to bits last year and that my first thoughts were that the mechanism was made of cardboard. It's not, of course, but it's not robust, either. But I may as well give it a go - try some WD40 perhaps? - because what I really want this for is lo-fi flash shots.

This site refers to the shutter mechanism being "a bit flimsy". Indeed.

I've also done something which would be unforgivable in a better quality camera, and rubbed a finger over the lens: I'm pretty sure it's plastic. Which, in a postmodern world, is a bonus.