Thursday, January 29, 2009

When the going gets weird...

...the weird, of course, turn pro.

Which is what I've done. It's not so bad. I'm doing one-to-one teaching with a wind energy man, and I've learned quite a lot about that industry. And I'm designing a course for 60 Chinese aeronautical graduates, which is going to feature quite a lot of TBL. Which is harder work than doing it from a book (we'll be doing that as well), but much more engaging.

And my mate Charlie has pointed me in the direction of wetpaint as a place to create a wiki, to use as an ad hoc VLE.

So, you can see, I'm on a decent learning curve here. I have been wondering if I would have been better keeping my mouth shut and getting on with another term at McEnglish in Glasgow - at least I would have been coming back to my own home each night. But I would have been learning almost nothing, beyond the theory and practice of kissing arse and keeping shtum. Fuck it - it's better as it is. I'm going to christen this workplace as BTM, Better Than McEnglish.