Saturday, January 03, 2009

What I'm Reading or Have Just Read

Snowblind was great fun. "Cocaine is just the metaphor". Forsooth.

And then I read something else, which I've clean forgotten...

Then it was Louise Welsh's The Cutting Room. Which I also enjoyed a lot. Real Scottish noir. Its flaw was an unsurprising plot which left me glad to finish it.

I also enjoyed the Last King of Scotland. There was a lot going on there: getting into bad situations out of the need for adventure, complicity, being charmed out of acknowleding evil.

And last night I finished reading Wise Guy. How come I haven't read it before? (It was an old edition, the cover bearing the words "Soon to be a major film!")

Incidentally, lack of space means I have to be selective with the what books I keep. Very strict criteria regarding likelihood of need-to-refer-to in the the future. Only Wise Guy made the cut of the above books, though it was close thing for Snowblind.

Now I'm reading Thud!, to see if I can see what other people see in Discworld.