Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uneven Development

You couldn't say that South Tyneside has a lively blogosphere. So it's interesting to come across a new blog, almost accidentally, even it is from South Shields. I had a quick shufty. Here, I think that the person actually intended to say "say what you like, you silly shite..." but wasn't very good at texting.

Mind you, Internet presence from the North East can be very uneven. Here's a story about a load of pictures of Reyrolles, which manages to NOT show any of them. Instead you get a web address (not a hyperlink) which if you copy and paste it sends you to probably THE most annoying site on the internet. Javascripts leaping up all over the page, pleas for hard cash, advertising, and an astonishingly unhelpful set of links to photos.

Oh shit! Look at the time! The Sopranos!