Tuesday, October 09, 2007

FE and me

Whatever the Chancellor says later today, we're in for difficult times.

In practical terms for those of us who labour, by hand or by brain, this means there'll be trouble getting more wages, and cutbacks in jobs and resources, especially in the public sector.

You can probably put money on ESOL for adults coming off very badly against the NHS and mainstream education in the approaching scrambles for diminishing sacks of cash from central government.

The latest rumour at our place is that everyone will have to re-apply for their own jobs, there'll be a subtly re-worded job description, which means they get less money, (if they are re-employed at all). And this was all thought out by some twat in a suit before the likelihood of any economic downturn began to show itself to a discerning proletariat.

ESOL provision in English Further Education colleges seems to have reached a high water mark two or three years ago. The tide's beginning to run faster now, and won't even begin to turn for several years.

Best to find something else afore I'm swept out to sea entirely.