Friday, January 05, 2007


L1000100-2.jpg, originally uploaded by johnkuo.

The European Lottery tonight is for £53,000,000. Buying a ticket naturally leads to an if-money-was-no-object-what-camera-would-I-buy? chain of thought.

Maybe it would be a Leica after all. I was sarcastic about this a while back, but the M8 pool on Flickr is definitely improving. The photo above is excellent - he's a great subject but the colour and tone are what you'd want to be getting from a Leica. And this sort of clarity in black and white night photos, too.

That pool still has a lot of evidence, however, that thousands of pounds worth of camera in the hands of a numpty will profit him or her none.

Mind you, short of a lottery win, I can't see me affording one. I felt I'd pushed the boat out the other day just buying a lens hood for £4.99.