Monday, May 15, 2006


A lot of Thursday was at the allotment, moving riddled soil from the top of the garden to the greenhouse, and moving plants around: pricking out (which always sounds slightly comical) and hardening off (ditto). The putative prize winning leeks are in the ground. This week should see the brassicas planted out - we've miscalculated with them, it seems, and could end up with a cabbage mountain. The tatties and onions are flying away.

The pond's great. There seem to be two different varieties of tadpole; or maybe just two stages of development, (we got our frogspawn from two separate sources). And there' a watersnail in the pond - must have come as an egg witht the weed, which came with the frogspawn, and is growing like barmy, too. There are water boatmen and beetles, too.

Managed a lot of studying this weekend, as well: getting the hang of phonetics, and ploughing through the grammar - now, more or less, I could spout on about transitivity with some confidence.

And Molly's sitting up! She looks very pleased with herself, in her playpen, surveying her wee world. Must've been getting tiresome, looking at the ceiling mostly.