Thursday, May 18, 2006

Molly at the Central Station with Berlin

In furtherance of the diet I've been making up salads in a box to take to work. But I left it behind yesterday so Herself came up to Town to make sure I didn't starve or buy a McFuckingDonalds. We had tea at the buffet in the Central Station. Molly, as you can see, sits up in any old high chair, quite the thing, now.

I'm hoping to get a lend of a lens from Brendadada later today, and should get some better photos from that. I'm after more aperture. The lens I really want, I can't afford. I can't afford its cheaper friend yet either :( Maybe for Christmas...

Speaking of which. I'm down to 14st now - so that's a stone I've lost (14lbs to our American readers) in a month. My healthy weight, I've learned, would be somewhere around 11st. So I'm going to be dieting on-and-off until Christmas to get there - which is probably where I was when I stopped smoking four years ago. Heigh ho!