Friday, March 17, 2006

Uncertain Prodigal

Uncertain Prodigal, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Ave.

It's a week for memories and friendships. I was in the shop in Jarrow where you can get absurdly priced tins and packets of stuff. For example, peanut butter Kit Kats, eight for £1. They'll do you no good at all, but eight for a quid!

Anyway, I see this big bloke eying up the 50p angel cake, and... It's my old mate Ian, last heard of in Berwick upon Tweed! So we indulged in a frenzy of mutual amazement that we were both back in our hometown, where we went to school together. And arranged to meet up for a drink, which we did on Wednesday night - when I took this photo. It's great to see him again. A true pal and stout fella all round - that's a result of the cheap cake.

And yesterday at a visit to Mam and Dad's I got hold of a load of old photos. I've started scanning in the best of them, and uploading them to Flickr. I'll be posting some of them here.