Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Around the Corner and Snow on the Ground

Went with a group of students to the Newcastle Science Festival this afternoon, to see a "one of a kind science show", which was at any rate a welcome break from the classroom. The highlight was some fun with two Tesla coils. As luck would have it, I had my Chinon camera with me because I'm having some double exposure humour, whereby one photographer in one part of the world underexposes a roll of film, rewinds it and posts it on to another, who double exposes it. The results are necessarily patchy, but with luck can be magical - and anyway it's a lot of fun. Anyhow, I took ten exposures of the coils in action at a f2.8 and 1/30th of a second - which was pure guesswork; we shall see if it works. I'm hoping to pass the film on to someone far away, living in a place quite different. On Saturday I took 16 exposures in Jarrow. Now I've got about 10 left.

Yesterday, the Old Man and I got a bag of pondweed and frogspawn from the brother of a friend of his. (This bloke, incidentally, has taken his enthusiasm for garden ponds to new heights. He took the floorboards out of the spare room and fitted a pond in there, for goldfish. Arguably, it's just a kind of eccentric aquarium. I'd heard his wife had left him). Anyhow, the hole in the ground is now a pond.

It snowed all day yesterday, but it didn't lie. No snow today but there's an arctic wind which'd cut the face off you.

Two months ago my chum gave me a photocopy of a couple of pages from a computer mag which was an excellent wee step-by-step guide to making a podcast. I've gotten around to reading it now and yesterday I more or less put a podcast together. It's paradoxically both easier and more difficult than I'd imagined. I'll re-do it (this week, God-willing), and hopefully find somewhere on the internet to park it for free. Or I might go mad and buy some webspace