Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Typha latifolia in flower at last

The plants must be almost 8ft tall, which means the flowers are at eye level when viewed from the path, as planned. The second part of the plan is that the flowers will produce a lot of seeds, which will germinate in the pond next year. It's now full of weeds: several kinds of grass, docks and clover. Bit of a mess, frankly. But it's doing its job, getting water from out of the beds, so I'm inclined to leave well alone for now. Either the bulrushes really take over the pond, and shade out most of the weeds, or I re-excavate it and puddle the clay, removing and re-planting the bulrushes. But that's a year or two away, I'm still far too busy with the riddling and weeding just now.