Tuesday, July 04, 2017

These boots were made for weeding

The area in between the pond and the Eastern boundary - about 6x12ft - has never been cultivated by me, and I don't think it's received much of anyone's attention, ever. Last year, mind, I was away during July, the whole plot was under siege from weeds, and that area in particular went "stark staring mad". 

So this year I'm going to work that bit of ground. No corner of the plot should be neglected. I'm collecting plenty of compost material, getting the off-cuts from a florist, a neighbour's guinea pig bedding, our own kitchen waste, and of course waste material from the plot itself, such as the winter field beans. On top of that, there's a lot of comfrey, which I've already cut down and composted twice this year.

An area 6x12ft is big enough to heap it all up and then turn it. I'm going to add my old compost heap, (in the far NE corner, where gorse is to be planted), but I'm waiting for some turnip seeds to ripen - they're growing from a last year's discarded neep.

This is the approach I'm taking: if an area gets neglected and weed infested, cut them down and use it to do some sort of physical work, and your boots will do the weeding.