Thursday, December 29, 2016

All Around My Plot...

... I shall wear the green willow.

I took a few small branches from an overgrowing willow tree by the allotments' gate, which yielded about 30 willow whips. I put 10 in the hedgerow, and the rest along the boundary between beds 2 & 3.

The plan is to keep them cut low, to avoid giving shade, a miniature hedge. The main reason is to help the drainage - mind, in this area last year, the phacelia all faded and died in late August, which I'm pretty sure was because it was still getting waterlogged there somewhat. The new French drain plus the willow... we'll see.

There's been quite a lot of rain the last 2 weeks, as Glasgow was on the fringes of storms Barbara and Conor. The pond is full. And the garlic patch is NOT waterlogged, which is a relief: that area had standing water on it last January, (to the left in the 1st photo in that post). Planting garlic to over-winter there was a bit of a punt, but it seems to be paying off, so far anyway.