Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Peculiar Green Path; Cultivation, Cultivation, Cultivation

This is the view from the gate, so that's the SE corner of the plot. I was preparing to excavate an area by the gate, a yard or so square, to lay bricks down, and then lay a path across to the middle path, (another story). But there's already a path there, covered until today in a couple of inches of loamy soil. It's a strange, green, crumbly concrete.

I'd planned another brick path, leaving a foot or so of earth for the hedgerow between path and fence. Instead, I've got this peculiar green edifice, and an inch or two of soil by the fence.

Heigh bloomin' ho. I was going to have pyracantha all the way along the S. boundary. But it looks as if it's going to be ivy, now. Which is fine. As you can see the fence there is an allotment-chic pallet construction, constantly leaning towards my side of the boundary because stuff is stacked against it on my neighbour's side. Well, we'll see how the ivy deals with that situation.

The next job is to straighten the path, which had been obliged to wander of to the west because the old shed was off-centre.
And then I want to get that SE bed dug over. Just rough, just to get it levelled and, well, get the ground broken, see what it's like. I don't think it's been cultivated during the Predecessor's time, so that's 30 years. If my theories about the plot's history are right, it hadn't been cultivated for decades before that. It was mostly a midden when I took over, (and it's not much better now, with the debris scrap metal from the bonfire).

But that bloody old shed is gone. I can see where I'm going. And it's dig, riddle, dig, riddle. A whole year of that. Loads to do, but light at the end of it. Paradoxically, I need to do a whole load of digging before I can get to no-dig.