Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rain? Bloody hell!

Facing North
Probably, it's not as bad as it looks. Though it did look pretty depressing this morning. I went first thing, because last night's weather forecast suggested there'd be a break in the rain. They were out by a few hours, it actually stopped raining, and the sun even came out, around noon. And so I didn't do what I'd planned, which was to carry on relaying the path for a couple of hours, (the path being that wee canal running down the middle of the photo).

You can see the NW bed is waterlogged now, too. Bloody hell.

And below, that's looking South. Pond at maximum extent. On the plus side, if you follow the canal up the middle of the photo, you can see where I managed to get a start on relaying the path at the weekend, even though it's veering off slightly West.

So it was all a bit depressing, compounded by the lack of endorphins I usually get after a couple of hours hard labour, lost to the flooding and the ceaseless downpour. But, you know, this is January still, and, anyway, I'm in this for the foreseeable future, it's not as if everything hangs on the growing season for this year, we're not going to starve.  And things will look better as the days lengthen and the weather improves...

Facing South