Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Araucaria araucana

Looking at the blog's stats, I saw someone had searched this post today. I wrote that shortly before moving to Scotland and giving up the allotment I shared with Dad, so never followed up on the plan I was jokingly suggesting, of becoming a monkey puzzle tree tycoon. A quick google shows that it's not difficult to grow, propagated only from seed. They are pricey, about a quid each, but for some reason 3 year old plants are going on eBay for between £10 and £50.

So that could make up for the loss of the Salvia divinorum trade, which hit us when eBay decided it didn't want hallucinogenic plants sold on its site; (and anyway, the Daily Mail put the kibosh on it, when Dad read a story there about a woman who thought she was a pumpkin after ingesting Sally D).  Thing is with an allotment, you want something that'll cover the costs of seeds and oomska. It's not-for-profit, but it needs to be not-for-loss, too.