Tuesday, September 08, 2015

French Drain Hits

Was it my mention of a french drain that got me an absurd number of views from France this week? Or maybe it's just that cafes from Calais to Perpignan are abuzz with talk of how much earth Pig Sty Avenue moved this week, and the bold decision regarding gorse in the hedge?

A french drain, incidentally, is named after a Mr French, a 19th Century New Hampshire lawyer, who, amongst other accomplishments was an expert on agricultural drainage. Nothing to do with French people, though I'm sure they're no slouches when it comes to making sure their gardens don't get waterlogged.

Incidentally, I had the second of two heavy labour sessions last night, grubbing, shovelling, and barrowing God knows how many tons of earth. As I did so, and the levels became clearer, I realised that I don't need to raise the level of the bed that much. It's just that now, it slopes down slightly away from the path. I need to bank it up somewhat so that it's sloping ever so slightly down towards the path, so water can percolate down to the aforementioned under-path french drain, and then away out the bottom of the plot.

Merci. Au revoir.