Sunday, July 28, 2013

#Lilliburlero #jobdone #MOSIS

Had another hour on the Bluthner yesterday, playing Lilliburlero again and again and again...  It's not perfect, and sometimes I have a slight hesitation.  But I could sit down at a piano anywhere and play a recognizable version of a famous tune, which was the plan.  It's time to move on.

Well, not so much move on, as return to. Return to the ABRSM Grade 1 syllabus, that is, scales, broken chords, and pick up where I left off with the Mozart Minuet in G major K1.e.

And I'm likely going to be flying out to Saudi middle of next month, so I need to come to terms with learning on the midi-keyboard. I can't say, now, when I'll be able to get hold of any kind of 88 key weighted instrument out there. I'll probably be working in a small city, which from the online evidence has no kind of music shop. Though it will have a shifting population of oil industry ex-pats, so I might get something interesting, second-hand, from a departing musician. Who knows, a harmonium or an accordion or whatever else fate throws at me.

I had a go on the Carbon 49 just now, played through the iPad, and it's ok.  Lilliburlero was fine, and it should be good to get the hang of scales.  And there are a lot to learn: four major, four minor, five broken chords, and the contrary motion C major.  Not that difficult to learn, (I've got C major and its contrary motion already), and actually very absorbing. They might be therapeutic after a hard day at the smartboard. And they're in that Synthesia app, too.

MOSIS = Maintenance Of Sanity in Saudi