Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning to play the piano, venturing into undiscovered territory

I've spent three hours or so this weekend with Lilliburlero, getting quicker, and then realizing it was getting too quick overall, the point was to stop inadvertent rests. So I'm working on that, playing it right through, over and over again, and the rests slowly disappearing.  I might have it just-so by the end of this week.

But the point is, I'm reaching a new place. I know all the notes, (more or less, the inadvertent rests are caused by a slight memory lapse, and search in the effective memory, "is it a LH G or F goes with RH A that's just coming up?... er... Oh fuck!")  But as I lose those memory gaps, and it gets into the process memory, (and that's palpably happening this weekend), then it's a whole new thing - trying to make it into music - the tiny gradations of tempo, that make all the difference between tranquilo, say, and the left-right-left of a march.

I can only repeat, wow, man, a whole new level.

But I'm still miles out, as I can tell because I can't synch a whistled accompaniment. Yet.

Meanwhile, the knuckles and even the wrists are getting a serious work out. Glowing. I get an urgent desire to clench my fists when I'm not playing, and they feel as hard as a boxer's.

NB: I've just sat here and heard it to myself, in my head, as it should be when I play it, not the BBC or the only piano version I can get on youtube, (a bit flowery), but as it should sound, right through, on the Bluthner with all its faults, when I've got it. Maybe a week.