Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Morning

Sometimes you wake up and there's stuff you've just got to get down before you start work...
  • We need a real piano.  There's a place in Paisley.  It's my birthday in April, but anyway I'm not talking Steinway, here.  There's a Rosner going for less than 300 quid, refurbished and tuned.  And a Kemble from someone in the West End for less than 200... 
  • We need structure and incentives, and the most obvious one is the ABRSM jazz piano exams.  There are exams in November, and Grade One seems like a reasonable goal. 
  • And it's "we" because this is The Bairn and me.  
Meanwhile, if I'm actually going into a piano shop and sitting down, I want to be able to play some bloody thing.  The Jazz 2-5-1 chord progression looks like fun, and I can learn that on the Samson. 

"Voila", as Johnty Alouette would have said.