Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning to Play the Piano v2.0 #3

This Synthesia's great fun.  It's all about dexterity, for now, I'm thinking - just keep getting more accurate on increasingly difficult bits of music: which might take a year to get to any kind of breakthrough.

Not to lose sight of notation,  I'll investigate Noteflight when I've a bit of time.  There's also Sheet Music Editor.  Haven't looked at apps for the iPad yet.  Initially, I want to note up the simple bits that I'm practising on, and blog them if possible.

Meanwhile, as a lifelong Guardianista and keyboard student, I couldn't resist shelling out at Waterstones (Amazon?  Amazon?  Who the fuck are Amazon?) for the Alan Rusbridger book.  Be good to have a shot at Chopin's Ballade one day.  Though my personal goal is more modest, it still looks bloody difficult: Maple Leaf Rag. Two to three years, maybe?