Monday, January 31, 2011

Andy Carroll and Noodles, As I Was Asked

As of this morning, he was staying put.  I doubt Liverpool could lure him away just now, I mean, they're shite.  One win in four games and Dalglish is King Ken?  FFS.  I like to think as a Gateshead lad, black and white through and through, he'll stay with us for the foreseeable future, but who knows, footballers work for money, as do we all, except that they get loads more.  But Liverpool?  Chelsea, maybe, Barcelona, Real...  But Liverpool?  Spurs? 

Tell yous what, and I'll link back to this if I'm right.  The English Premier's starting to crack open at last, this season.  Bad time for anyone to jump ship if they're after silverware.  And sometimes, just sometimes, there's maybe more to it than piling cash upon cash and winning cups for cocksuckers. 

And as for the noodles, oh yes, noodle city.  The sort you get here are about 20p a packet, (that would be enough for big portions for four people, say).  They're very thin, threadlike.  I boil them for a minute, and then rinse them under the cold tap.  Then mix in some sesame oil, and stick them in with the stir fry in the big old iron wok I've got, or hoy a knob of butter on and stick them in the microwave for about a minute, mix them with a sauce of your choice.  Oh aye.  Mind you, posh bread shops are to be found in Shanghai, really good rye bread for the equivalent of £1.20 - so it's luxury grub compared to noodles. 

There's so much weird shit going on with food that I haven't had the balls to explore yet, the live fish and the smoked ducks.  I'll get there.