Sunday, January 30, 2011

And what with all that tunnelling, I'm knackered now

I don't know if my posts are still getting through to *wat*er and f*c*b**k.  Somebody call by and let me know if they are, because I can't on to the former for love nor money tonight, and it's too late to start trying to get on to the latter just now. 

Except for strictly work based stuff, and a quick squint at the gmail, I've been more or less offline for over a month now.  It's good to be back at the old Avenue.  Never thought it would be possible to miss a blog, but I did. 

And Asianfootball reports should be almost fully functional soon.  I've been warming up with the Asian Cup.  I say warming up, I nearly nodded off during the final last night.  I'd love to get a report from anyone who saw any games in Qatar though.