Thursday, November 04, 2010

Going Commando With an Old Flame

Whereby I mean a re-established relationship with the keyboard, and the absent boxers being those pesky wee note letters, which I've covered over with a strip of electricians' tape.  And that seems to be a good thing.  I had a good hour's practice tonight with the right hand bit of that waltz, and it worked out as thought, inasmuch as I had to work on the pattern relationship between the staff and the keyboard, using the C as a reference point.  For example, there's B, right down the middle of the staff, and there it is, tucked in below C on the keyboard.

Incidentally, I also learned that evening piano practice is utterly fucking futile after the 2nd glass of wine, though blogging is more forgiving vis-a-vis alcohol consumption.  Or something.