Saturday, July 31, 2010

St Etheldreda's

I went to mass here last Sunday.  It was the sung mass, 11am.  I walked there from Charing Cross and I was running a bit late, so it was a bit of a dash to get there.  Worth it mind.  It's a fairly small church, slightly smaller than the average suburban Catholic church.  And you sit looking at stained glass window with the Risen Christ, a representation of the Last Supper, St E herself of course, Our Lady, someone else whose wee tag I couldn't read.  I haven't read up on that window, I'm saying what I saw.

The choir were behind us and in good voice.  There was a big old fashioned church organ playing, and according to the parish bulletin, it was played by Simon Lloyd.  Here's the music, which I've copied from here.

Monteverdi Messa a quattro voci 1651 JK, G, S, B, AK Deus in loco, 310 I

Croce In spiritu humilitatis In Deo, 311 G
Guerrero Pater noster Exsultate Deo, 312 A
Credo III, Salve Regina, Domine salvum fac Petite, 314 C
Organ: deMacque Consonanze stravaganti;
Frescobaldi Capriccio cromatico

There were statues all around, which looked like they were 17th Century, about 15ft up,  I think of martyrs.