Monday, July 05, 2010

Hanschen klein

This is the tune of the moment.  Actually, I first encountered it a while back, it being the first tune in the PSP software for two hands.  The thing is with that software, it will tell you "Excellent!! 100%" if you get all of the right notes in the right order - never mind that it took ages to play.  Once I'd got it right a couple of times, I moved on, with the nagging feeling that I ought to have got it right, I mean, sounding right, with all the notes played at the right time as well as in the right order.  So I've gone back to it.

It's a very simple arrangement.  I've seen others with lots of 8th notes and chords in them, but this leaves all the fingers more or less on their home notes, (except that the little finger of the left hand moves from low C to B and back a couple of times).

I've had lots of discussions, mostly with Boy, about the learning process.  I blogged about it here, mind.  Generally speaking, that's the way I'm going to go with it: to work through the software, and leave "perfection" until later.  The point is, I'm already well on the road to being able to read music, and will be able to do so when I get through the PSP course.  And THEN I can start to really learn to play.  (I'll probably need to buy a book on fingering, fnaar, fnaar.)

The reason for wanting to be perfect with Darling Wee Hans, though, or at least have it sounding like a proper tune, is that I'm currently working in a University building which, in term time, is a School of Musical Education, ffs, and it's stiff with pianos.  I can't really let this opportunity pass.  But even in the Long Vacation, Universities have plenty of people around, so I will be overheard.   And therefore I need to be halfway decent with this piece before I try my fingers at a proper piano, for the first time.

Oh yes, and I'm dropping the LTPTP now.  Except as a label.