Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Salim Sh*fted

Our driver, Salim, has been moved to other duties. What happened was, one of GECOL’s innumerable drivers had the vehicle he uses pinched from out side his home. Management decreed that all vehicles must thereafter be locked away at night in the company compound. This meant Salim had to get there by public transport, and then come to collect us. He was late several times. Our project manager complained. Meanwhile, management at GECOL realised it was impractical for the drivers to leave their vehicles at the compound, and for the last three weeks you could set your watch by Salim.

Too late, though. Now we’ve got Mohammed in a minibus, which is more comfortable than Salim’s pick-up truck. And Mohammed’s a better driver. Still, over the last year I’ve got to know Salim, and his absence is a loss.

Last night I walked to the Post Office to send a letter. Found a shop that sold Kellog’s Fruit and Fibre – expensive enough, though, at 6 dinars a box. And I got a battery for my watch.
The wind is still strong, but last night’s dust is away.