Thursday, February 10, 2005

British Airways... Tripoli

The company provides us with return tickets, but they insist on getting them for the actual end of the contract, Saturday 19th March, whereas we’re finished teaching on the Wednesday and it’s been, eventually, agreed that we can go home on the Thursday, though we must change the tickets ourselves. This involves a fee of GBP50, and a visit to the British Airways office in Borj Al Fatah. And that’s where I went this morning with wee Paul.

We got sat down and told the young woman what we wanted and she warned us about the fee and asked us how we’d be paying, so I told her, and I gave her my ticket and she entered the details, and then the computer’s not working. Could we come back on Sunday? Well, no I’m working; and what, I wanted to know, was wrong with the computer? “The infrastructure cannot cope,” she said. There was no reply I could reasonably make to that.