Friday, April 13, 2018

Bilora Gevabox

 I bought a Bilora Gevabox on eBay because of its "film inside". I'll be processing the film next week. The plan with this project is to re-sell the cameras on eBay once I've extracted the film and put another one or two through the camera. That's the plan. But look at this beauty: two f stops, a B setting, and top right corner, a fully functional PC flash fitting. AND it does 6x9 negatives. The cherry on the cake is that the filters to go with the Agfa Isolette will fit it, with a smidgen of blu-tac.

Which last detail got me to looking on Flickr, where I found this, taken with a YA2 orange filter. I'd like to get that dark sky effect on Glasgow 6x9 architecture shots. And I've got a YA2.