Monday, August 14, 2017

Hedgerow Update: Gorse, brambles, a few holly, figs...

Eighty-something gorse, and a dozen or so brambles. Three of the figs - abandoned in their module tray - turned out to have survived. When I was working at Greenwich University last summer, I uprooted several tiny holly volunteers, and brought them home in coffee cups and some SW London earth. I potted them on earlier this year. Three of them have taken root. They, and the figs, will go in the ground a year or so from now, maybe winter 2018/19. The gorse and brambles will be planted some time this coming winter.

They'll be joined by a row of white forsythia, referred to here. I put them across the west bed when I was still bothered about dividing the plot into five beds of equal size. AND to help there with drainage, but between the rubble and french drains, and the hedgerow, I don't think they're required for that now. So they will join the hedgerow, too.

All of which means, the hedgerow is a done deal, and 100% decommodified. I will probably grow another hundred or so figs this summer, largely because I annoyed myself at losing so many last year, (need to take more care hardening off next year; and I've noticed they love small root-space, so keep them in their modules, maybe pot them on to 2in pots?) They will do for any gaps which show up.