Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5th Bed - The Ground is Broken

Et... voila! Photo taken from the top of the allotment, at the S end. That's the 5th bed to the right of the path. Roughly dug over, and frankly the iPhone camera is being quite kind to it, because I think it looks much better than the reality, where you can see that even on the surface, there's a lot of unwanted matter in the soil: wood, stones, bits of plastic. And of course, broken glass.

To the left, in loose stacks, some of the bricks and bigger bits of concrete. I also got 4 or maybe 5 barrows full of rubble - mostly brick fragmentsand glass. That's gone into the French (or rubble) drain which runs beneath the route of the skinny path on the edge of no. 2 & 3 beds, (and then across no. 3 to the pond).

I'm taking a few days off - that digging-out of all those bricks was bloody hard graft. And then back to riddling-out all the smaller stones and bits of bloody glass.