Monday, November 14, 2016

Meanwhile, back at the plot, the riddling continues... Shed news

Life, weather and short days keep me away from the allotment most days. When I do get there, I spend a couple of hours riddling the earth from the environs of the old greenhouse, which is, obvs, where most of the glass is. Not much to blog about. I'm learning to chill-out about the time scales involved. If the entire 2017 growing season is given over to weeding, riddling and shed-building, then so be it.

Another job is to burn the heap of rubbish and perennial weeds which has been putting a hurt on my eyes for months now. I need to get petrol, and get to the plot at dusk whilst there's enough light to get it started. In winter, the committee asks us to wait until 4pm if we must have bonfires. People living near the plots complained some time ago about bonfires, which was fair enough because numpties were lighting fires on sunny Sunday afternoons, when most of Glasgow puts its washing on the lines. Dusk on a damp day means complaints are unlikely.

And the shed...  I was looking at the site for it. With more rubble/hardcore, I could actually fit a shed 15x10ft in that space. Now, I've hardly started the riddling, so by the time I'm finished I'm going to have, literally, tons of the stuff. So putting the shed up before that might be unwise: I'll end up with a smaller shed and lot of rubble with no use for it. I'm resigned to not getting my nice self-built shed before sometime next year, but the old shed is ready to fall down. So I might try to get some sort of place, maybe a small tin shed, to put the tools in, pull the old shed down, put aside whatever is recyclable of it, and burn the rest. I could then dig over and level the SE bed, which I'm itching to get done. The final frontier.