Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stratification Season

A bit early, but I'm looking at starting stratification of hedgerow plants now. They'll be ready for February, when, inshallah, I'll have a heated potting shed to sow them in, ready for planting out the following winter, (2017/18).

There's 100 Pyracantha coccinea. I'm putting them in warm water today, and will put them in the fridge tomorrow for 3 months - maybe 4. The methodology is to use a fairly small amount of seedling compost, which seems to be 50% sand, in a plastic bag which is not-quite air tight. When they come out of the fridge in late January, I'll spread the seedling compost over a tray full of more of the same.

I've also got Pinus sylvestra, which really ought to be stratified now, we got the seeds on a visit to Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in summer 2015. Don't know how many, and it doesn't say on the packet, but I'd estimate 100 or so. According to the packet, and to treeseedonline, the stratification is only 4 weeks. I won't have a potting shed in 4 weeks from now, so would have to start them on the windowsill at home...

I've spent a bit of time googling to see if Scots pine is suitable for a hedgerow, but, let's face it, the "hedgerow" I'm planting is pretty outre anyhow: gorse, fig, firethorn, and anything else I can grow from seed, preferably for pennies or nowt. I want Scots pine in the hedgerow to increase the bio-diversity.