Friday, September 13, 2013

Learning to love 49 plastic keys

The midi keyboard felt weird and unpleasant at the start of this week, but I've gotten used to it after a good hour of practice everyday.  Lilliburlero has become a benchmark: last weekend I was all over the place with it, now it's fine, and quite good fun to play it on the app's various virtual pianos. 

I spent the three nights this week with various scales and broken chords, but I'm just practising the G majors now because I've gone back to Mozart's Minuet in G.  Been on the first 8 bars for the last three or four nights, RH only, sometimes spending the whole time on one bar, just over and over, getting it right. 

For example, today I spent a long time on the opening two notes, using fingers 5 and 4, and making sure my hand was right, that I could get the keys at full velocity without moving my wrist. I'm not setting any time estimates on how long it's going to take to learn, as I was wont to do in the past.  I'm really enjoying just playing its elements, looking at and then not looking at my hand, looking at the notes on the page, and most of all listening.

The procedure is to warm up with Lilliburlero, then scales and broken chords for as long as feels right, maybe 20 mins.  And then Mozart for 30-40 minutes.  I always finish off with the sight-reading app game, and that's showing steady progress. I usually have another Lilliburlero in that app, it's a kind of virtual harpsichord.