Thursday, June 06, 2013

Learning to like a digital keyboard whilst hoping to meet a Steinway

Travelling a lot during the next few months, so I'll be practising on the 49 key midi with the iPad.  I've had a couple of hours on it tonight. The keyboard feels quite different to the Kemble, of course. But the sound on the free version of the iGrand app is really rather good. Synthesia is less pleasant on the ear, but tonight I got into major arpeggios with it and that was actually surprisingly finger-stretchy fun. I'll go back to them, and scales too - I'm pretty nippy one handed but it would surely be beneficial to get major scales two handed.

As I was on the headphones, no neighbours to consider,  I went back to Lilliburlero - still needs work in terms of the rhythm. Interesting, though, to play it on the differently feeling and sounding midi. 

I need to get better at Lilliburlero, and at scales, because I should have access to other pianos this summer, but in a semi public kind of place, (a university - it'll be quiet, during the long vac, but there'll still be people around so I can't be completely crap). Which will be interesting, the squashy wee midi keyboard one day, and perhaps my first go on a grand the next.