Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dying of Thirst in SW1

I walked from Chelsea to Euston earlier, and after I got away from the King's Road, didn't pass a single pub until I chanced by The Champion, by which time I was nearly there.  I suppose the peeps round Belgravia just don't need a pub, what with the butler to fetch them drinks, and stuff?

The Champion, I must add, has the most amazing frontage of stained glass I've ever seen, almost OTT, luxurious beyond anything in Glasgow or the Catholic Church - with a nineteenth century Sporting Champions theme.  It's a proper pub too, with Sam Smiths Sov., (in London?) and nothing la-di-da, all filling up nicely with working people around 5.30ish, when I left after my en-route quencher and bag of plain crisps.    

stained glass in The Champion pub

Thanks to EE Paul for the photo.