Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Libyan Drama

I read this with interest.  A Libyan film would be something to see.  I remember seeing films on TV there, I would guess Egyptian and from the early 50s, with production values on a par with anything from Hollywood at that time.  But the thing that article brought most to mind was one day whilst staying at the laughingly named "Holiday Village" near Janzur, I came out from the usual late lunch en route to the daily siesta, and just outside the dining room say two men and a woman holding sheafs of paper.

The first thing I noticed was that the woman's head was uncovered and she was wearing jeans...  This was a rare sight indeed in Libya.  And as I walked by them I realized that they were rehearsing or learning lines from a play or a film script, in Arabic.  It was jaw-droppingly surreal, then, the sort of thing, you'd wake up after the siesta and think, "Did I dream that?"   Maybe I did, I never saw those three again.