Friday, May 18, 2012

Tripod II

"Sturdy" it is.  Rock solid, more like. Blimey.  To paraphrase Tom Waits, "It's the only tripod you will ever need!"  Three spirit levels. Splendid bit of kit. Big, mind.  You wouldn't want to take it on a hike.  And it certainly won't fit on the back of the camera bag.  I'll need to get a strap or something. 

I've started now on one version of the 9to5 project.  The idea is to get photos from the workplace.  So I'm going to do two complementary sets, one from the Shanghai office, the other from my desk here at home.  The idea is to have a fixed vantage point, but to photograph throughout the day, so there'll be changing light, slight changes in the desk objects etc.  And the Shanghai version will be more dynamic, of course.