Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Babylon's Burnin'

Well, Muifa may have passed by with little effect in Shanghai, but here I am now in London and it feels like a war zone.  A taxi driver told me 30 cabs were torched last night, and a driver was dragged out and robbed.  He didn't sound like a gobshite.  Banks shut in the City.  A pub I went to in Holborn, the barman was lamenting their lack of shutters, and weilding a big old docker's crowbar in jocular fashion.  The hotel bar has stowed it's picnic tables from outside.  There are rather naive looking coppers on the streets.  Plenty of hurry up wagons chasing around with sirens going. 

But it feels like, if a large enough number of people decide to go late night shopping with manhole covers, who's to stop them? The police, as the kids know, are lying, cowardly bullies, who appear to maintain law and order by means of an age old confidence trick. Perhaps the bluff is being called.