Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scottish Football

Football is filling the void left by the MA.  There's no way I'm putting any money into the pockets of the Bastard Murdochs, and anyway, watching football on telly is like having sex through a letter box.  Naturally, I'd love to start following Newcastle again, but it's a four or five hour drive to home games, much more further south for all of the aways.  Anyway, I'm surrounded by Scottish Football, (there's loads of it on Radio Scotland, for example), so it's time to get to grips with the game here, and leave English football as a more distant interest.

Being non-partisan gives me a lot of choice of a Saturday.  From the SPL alone there's St Mirren, Rangers, Celtic , and Kilmarnock, and Partick in the First Division, all less than an hour away by public transport. I could go further afield if I got a taste for it.  It'll be a hoot.