Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FED2 Revisited

I've gotten involved on Flickr in something called Old Film Project. The story so far is that a nice man from Seattle had a load of old film, and offered to send eight rolls of it to various photographers around the globe, and I'm one of them, (whether on the strength of my photo stream or a first-come-first-served basis, I didn't like to ask). It got my interest because one of the types of film was EFKE 100 asa.

The only downside was that the film is 35mm, which I'd sworn off in favour of medium format. But never say never again. Whilst in Durham, I went to an art shop and bought a wee bottle of black fabric paint. Back home now, I've got the FED2 in this picture out of the press, and painted its leaky curtain. I'm going to put a roll of cheap colour film through it and have that developed at a shop, just to see if the light leak's mended. And then I'll get down to it with the EFKE.

Which, I should point out, was manufactured in Zagreb in the mid 70s (it expired in 1977). So with a Soviet rangefinder and Yugoslavian film from that era, I'm going to have a thoroughly Smiley's People time of it.

Actually, after playing around with MF exclusively for about eight months or so now, I must say the FED2 felt very snug in the hand. I sold the Jupiter 8 and Industar 61 lenses when I had a clear out of cameras earlier in the year, so the FED now just has its kit lens, an Industar 26; I've never used it, and noticed when cleaning it that it's quite badly scratched.

But to be going on with, I put a roll of the EFKE into the Ilford Sporti 4 to get some sprocket hole fun. I took some shots in and around Durham, and I'm getting some more around the house.

During a last frantic few days in Durham, I had a brief Flickrmeet in Newcastle with Oli and Savvo. Oli gave me a couple of rolls of colour slide film, also 35mm.

All of this means that I've got half used rolls of film in several cameras at the moment. I've got several rolls of 120 in my Mam's fridge which I accidentally left behind in the North East. (They're coming to visit us next week, so that's ok). So I need to have another photographic purge in the next few weeks. I'm going to flog the two Agfas, and the Sportis. And then I'm going to work only with the FED and the Holga. We're still in the process of decorating this flat so I'm going to start getting prints of the best stuff done, to frame and put on the walls.