Friday, July 31, 2009

The Leith Police Dismisseth Us

I reckon this is as valid for a typing test as it is for a speaking one, of intoxication. Dismisseth is as big a bugger to type as it is to say when you've had a few. I would suggest.

God is good. NEECU does a CEF related assessment and evaluation. 1st ever to do this. It's a wee peach of a thing for a subject-hungry language tester and critical pedagogue. It's also a thing to be left until the drinks's gone.

In despite of which, one might like to consider... The origin of IELTS dominance with UK universities. When? At NEECU, what materials were used before? [Hobby fucking horse?] Go down to the micro-level, subtextual even, with every fucking phoneme of their descriptors. That might be the point of a CDA - where the ALTE > DIALANG CAN DOs are the fuck taking us. (And the history thereof).

It's a fucking cracker. One promises to be more circumspect when one returns without "drink taken".