Wednesday, May 04, 2005


128kbps, and do it as an mp3 – bollocks to wma. And that’s it. Ivie Anderson to Frank Zappa. Tell you what’s pissing me off, mind: trying to cut Windows Media the Fuck Player out of this process: it’s like an ex-girlfriend at school who just keeps popping her face into the situation and saying “What’s happening here, like?” Or like your mam, or something that’s very intrusive, anyhow.

Well I’ll be Donald Ducked by Michael Howard! Speaking figuratively, of course. Oh yeah, by the fucking bye, no c***'s been knocking at this door, wanting this swine’s vote… And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow… Still can’t say where my X’ll go, but go it shall – my ancestors fought and died, and all that.

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention! Departure’s been put back a week. Hurrah! I WILL plant the turnips!