Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Getting the hang of it

OK. That's me - the bald guy.

What i'm trying to work out is, will i be able to post easily when i go back to Libya in January? Because my laptop won't have an internet connexion, and i'll beposting from internet cafes. Well, posting text looks like a breeze, but pictures might be a bit more problematical. We shall see. It'll pass the time.

Now then, links... This is something that I found this morning:


What it is, you download this week's In Our Time ffrom R4, AS AN MPEG, and then you can listen to it on a iPod, or, in my case, listen to it in a few weeks' time. Not bad eh?

Now i'm going to see if i can paste in an animated gif... No. Ah well.

I'd like to jazz things up a bit, but that's enough for tonight.

More nonsense tomorrow.